Local specialities


Local, high-quality cuisine

The La Croix-de-Coeur restaurant has been awarded the “Saveurs du Valais” label and offers you the chance to taste seasonal products and traditional dishes based on Valais specialities. Our Valaisan platter features IGP-certified cured meats and AOP-labelled cheeses.

The menu at La Croix-de-Coeur changes with the seasons and is updated regularly. And it’s more than just a menu: it’s a carefully curated selection of products from local suppliers. We love to feature products from local businesses.

December to April


In winter, we serve mainly cheese dishes and stews. The unmissable cheeses we use come from the Isérables dairy.

June to october


In summer, we focus on salads, grilled meat, steak tartare and roast beef. It’s all about food that’s both fresh and tasty.

September and october

Hunting season

One must-try regional speciality is the “Menu Chasse”. This autumn menu puts game in the spotlight. The hunting season is a highly anticipated time at our restaurant. We love using these delicious, high-quality game products.

The success of a game dish depends on a number of factors: careful cooking of the meat, the sauce and the various side dishes, including the traditional homemade spätzle.